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Welcome to Bethany High School

Bethany High School is committed to achieving excellence by continuous improvement of its programmes, services and processes. Offering a superior education to students is perhaps the most important factor in creating a successful future for generations that will have to cope with a rapidly changing environment.

Leading characteristics of the work of Bethany High School Services are:

  1. the continuing pursuit of excellence in educational practice and management in diverse and challenging settings
  2. child-centred teaching methods
  3. a special emphasis on female education and
  4. school-based teacher training.

Currently, the major initiatives throughout the system include:

  1. the introduction of computers and distance learning to supplement teaching and improve learning methods
  2. the improvement of physical infrastructure, particularly of community-based schools

Our Vision. A centre of academic & moral excellence.

Our Mission 

Our Mission is to attain academic excellence through hard work, instilling virtue, honesty, purity and love, amongst the students so that they become lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

Our Objectives and Aims Are:

  1. To help students discover and develop their talents for future use in order to rise and shine forever.
  2. To provide quality education to the youth in consideration with a cute competition at all levels of education.
  3. To be partners with the government in development especially the eradication of ignorance and illiteracy which is the root cause of backwardness.
  4. To prepare our students to become responsible and hard-working citizens.

Core values

Excellence                   Love

Morals                         Hard work