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Liturgy Department

The Chaplain is Rev. Samuel Ssenyanja

To link the students not only to the administration concerning their spiritual needs but also to the chaplains and other relevant visitors are the teachers in charge of Liturgy and Spiritual affairs; Mr. Mugole Joshua. (H.O.D) & Ms. Aya Constance.They have served for several years and they are greatly involved in counseling of students & guiding them Spiritually.

The hierarchy continues with two liturgy prefects.Below this hierarchy, is a group of young boys and girls who represent various classes and enthusiastically serve in different areas within the department.Liturgy Department deals with the Spiritual wellbeing of students in Bethany, this is a Christian founded school and Students belong to various Religious affiliations.

Therefore, the work of Liturgy department is to mend these religious groups together for spiritual benefit. The differences are put aside and commonalities emphasized. This has enabled students to participate and work together regardless of their different religious belongings. We basically have students belonging to the;

  1. Anglican ( Church of Uganda)
  2. Catholic religion ( Roman catholic Church)
  3. Pentecostal ( Born Again / Balokole)
  4. Seventh Day Adventists and
  5. those belonging to the Islamic faith

All categories of students (above) gather in the main hall / Chapel for a service every Sunday from 9:00am to 11:00am.To further encourage student’s participation, each class is programmed to lead on a particular Sunday, which then turns out to be named after that class. e.g. S.1 Sunday, S.2 Sunday. e.t.c


The department also boasts of a powerful sound system operated by students under supervision of the Liturgy master


A Keyboard, Guitar and Drums are some of the instruments used in worship, they are played by students, and this spices up the Sunday worship as the Bethany students raise their voices to sing songs of praise and worship to their creator.

There are over one hundred Hymn / Prayer books used in worship. These are supplemented by a Projector to cater for the big numbers of students always in attendance. We take this opportunity as a department to welcome you to Bethany where you will not only Arise and Shine Forever academically, but also Spiritually.

May God bless you.