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ICT Department

Departmental Staff
Mr. Byaruhanga John Paul (Head of Department)
Ms. Amuge Lona.
To encourage students to:-

  1. Use ICT resources effectively and independently
  2. Demonstrate a practical competence in using effectively a number of Microsoft Applications including Ms Word, Ms Excel and Ms Access Ms Power point, use of the internet and Web designing.
  3. Further understand and appreciate ICT applications within everyday situations
  4. Acknowledge and appreciate reasons for, and issues relating to, the protection of data.
  5. Recognize the importance of ICT in the continued development of society as a whole.

Computer Science is taught at all levels of secondary and examined at both O- Level (UCE) and A- Level. (UACE) as directed by the Ministry of Education and sports. We basically follow the syllabus designed by the national curriculum development center (NCDC). Computer science cuts across all subjects; for instance Particular modules of work, using ICT as a tool, are completed in English, Science, Maths, Biology, Physics, Geography, Chemistry and others being developed constantly.

Research on the internet is one of the advantages of this department; most students visit the department to access internet for research in particular subjects so as to accomplish tasks given to them by teachers. This encourages the learners to be self driven in reading and researching ahead of the teacher, there by avoiding a situation of spoon feeding