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History/CRE Department

Welcome to the Religious Education department commonly known as Divinity at Advanced level and CRE at ordinary level.

  1. This is the most important and relevant department in the life of an individual since it deals with every day life which a student should not miss during his/her stay in school.
  2. The subject is reffered to as religious education which deals with christianity from its origins to present times.The purpose of this subject is to guide the students morals and expectations of life. It gives us the background of christianity like the beginning of creation ,the calling of man by God.
  3. The subject guides young people to be good citizens and it follows in lines with the reality of life. Therefore it gives the student the clear picture of is expected in his life style. This makes the subject relevant to ones life.
  4. The syllabus is divided according to different levels, at ordinary level we have the syllabus as follows

The paper is 223 divided in different sections

Man In a Changing Society Order and Freedom
  1. Living in a changing society
  2. Working in a changing society
  3. Leisure in a changing society
  1. Justice in society
  2. Service in society
  3. Loyalty in society
Life Man And Woman
  1. Happiness
  2. Unending life
  3. Success
  1. Family life
  2. Sex differences
  3. Courtship and marriage


  1. Quest for God
  2. Evasion of God
  3. Christian involvement in the world

hat is the format of the ordinary level paper that is what is required for them to pass. Likewise at advanced level the syllabus is composed of three papers.
This one is composed of the historical life of the Jews in whom Jesus the basis of Christianity has origins.

  1. The Torah (Law)
  2. Historical books
  3. Prophets and
  4. Wisdom Literature


This paper deals with the birth, work and death of Jesus christ. Also the work of his disciples/apostles after Jesus’ death upto present time, it began the holy scriptures, the writing of the gospel after the death and resurrection of Jesus christ.

It is also composed of letters which the apostles wrote to christians who existed after christ and to deal with their problems


This paper is the most favoured by students because it deals with everyday issues. It is reffered to as moral and ethical issues. It deals with topics like adolescents problems and solutions;

  1. Family sex and marriage
  2. Work, Leisure and money
  3. Law and order

And also that is the format of the paper how it is examined.
Departmental Staff
This department is well staffed and their effort is seen in student’s performance.
The following are some of the staff in the department.

  1. Mr. Langa Lambert Wilson
  2. Mr. Teere John
  3. Mr. Kyobe Richard
  4. Ms. Nampeera Catherine
  5. Ms. Nasolo Irene

All the above teachers specialize in different papers although they can teach all papers. These teachers are master, degree and diploma holders.All the above teachers specialize in different papers although they can teach all papers. These teachers are master, degree and diploma holders.

Considering The Statistics

It is found out that statistical religious education is the best subject done well which is passed 80% at both ordinary and advanced level.

Future Prospect / Plans

In future we are planning to make students work easier by giving them all the requirements for the course at the beginning of the level so that they can read on their own for easier and quick running through the entire course.