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Our History

Bethany High School was started by Mr. and Mrs. Bagiire who bought land from Haji Mwanje in July-1999.In August-1999 construction started and by December 1999 four Blocks were already constructed. These blocks included the Administration Block and 3 class room blocks.

Two blocks were used as dormitories for both boys and girls respectively.On 3rd-December-1999 offices were officially opened and admissions started.The school officially opened with 8 students with Mr. Masaba Godfrey as first Head teacher, Ms. Sowobi Mary as his Deputy, Mrs. R. Bagiire as Accountant/Bursar, Mr. Tabu Francis as the Director of Studies (D.O.S). 2 Cooks, 3 Gate keepers, Librarian, Secretary, Office Messenger and a store keeper.

By the end of 2000, the school had about 200 student. Presently, the school has about 800 students with a teaching staff of about 40 teachers.Because of the big number of students who were flooding the school, two storyed structures were put up to cater for boys’ and girls’ dormitories.

NB. Boys’ dormitory can accomodate up to a capacity of 400 students and the Girls’ Domitory can accommodate up to a capacity of 600 students.

A multi – stroyed complex was also erected with the ground floor being Home Economics lab, and the school sick bay. The 1st floor consists of Science labs [Physics, Biology and Chemistry] and 2nd floor consists of the school Library which seats a capacity of over 300 students at ago.