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Patriotic club

Bethany Patriotism club awakens our love for the nation, Uganda. Through the club, Students learn the art of raising the national flag, are exposed to inspirational and motivational talks, do a lot of gymnastics to keep fit and others. It teaches the students to observe the factors of discipline, determination, concentration and God fearing. The

Wild life club

This is one of the clubs in the school aimed at improving and maintaining the environment natural Bethany wild life club is affiliated to WILD LIFE CLUBS OF UGANDA (WCU) with it’s head offices at Lugogo UMA show ground. Membership is open to all but to become a member of tropical high school wild life

Interact club

Bethany Interact club is known for bringing students together and this is one of the many club activities that aim at making the world a better place.We serve above self as we promote goodwill and peace throughout the world.

Scouts club

At Bethany High School Scouts club has a number of activities that develop the Students’ character. The activities range from pioneering training, First Aid training, sports activities, tent construction, challenge valley, water activities, fire fighting, security alertness, hiking, parade and flag ceremonies, community service, Good turn (working for some one without pay),Bob a job (working

Scripture Union Club

Welcome to Bethany SU Club! We are a very strong club with over 500 members committed to being doers of the Word rather than just hearers of it,as commanded in James 1:22.Scripture Union Bethany aims to do following good works: To be exemplary (1 Timothy 4:12, Proverbs 20:7) To unite all denominations and work together

Debating club

Bethany Debate Club has modeled many students in public address, articulating issues. Debate is a tool that models leaders, it is the effective way of solving problems in society.